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Features of vermiculite
    Security, Ease and Eco friendly
    Radiation adsorption & deterrent
    Harmful substance adsorption
    Low-carbon & Energy saving
    Insects-prevent & mildew resistant
    Fire resistance & non combustible
    Nagative oxygen ions producing
    Heat insulation
    Acoustic insulation
    Long service life
    Ion exchange property
    Humidity adjustment
    Absorption and Purification
Industrial application
Building application
Raw and processed vermiculite
Product Physical Index Form
vermiculite diatomite composite

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Nagative oxygen ions producing
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Nagative oxygen ions producing 

VMC® series vermiculite board has decoration performance, and more, it's a pure natural, energy cost saving wall material. The natural porous construction of vermiculite endows it superior ions exchange and adsorption ability. When the ions happened with water moisture in the air, the water molecule is fastly broken and present the 'cascade effect'. Then the negative oxygen ions which so called 'vitamin in the air' produced continuously. As we know, the negative oxygen ions have good performance of bactericidal, flu prevention, body metabolism romoting and body immunity enhancing performance.

An experiment in Tsukuba research institute showed that vermiculite can applied as catalyzer for formaldehyde decomposition into CO2 and H2O.

What's more, the vermiculite can absorb and decomposition the dust, particles, virus, harmful substances which floats in the air to get the performance of air purification.

Living in the room with vermiculite decoration,  you can image as like living in the rich negative oxygen ions forest with clear fresh air.



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