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Features of vermiculite
    Security, Ease and Eco friendly
    Radiation adsorption & deterrent
    Harmful substance adsorption
    Low-carbon & Energy saving
    Insects-prevent & mildew resistant
    Fire resistance & non combustible
    Nagative oxygen ions producing
    Heat insulation
    Acoustic insulation
    Long service life
    Ion exchange property
    Humidity adjustment
    Absorption and Purification
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Radiation adsorption & deterrent
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Radiation adsorption & deterrent

(From:Fukushima comprehensive agricultural center,Japan)

Vermiculite has good ions exchange ability and superior adsorption performance. It gets worldwide attention for new technology natural material for cesium radio adsorption and static electricity removing. Japanese Atomic Energy Laboratory research and found that, Contamination area of Fukushima-ken has good adsorption of Cs+ with vermiculite. Because of the vermiculite contains negative oxygen ions, which make the magnesium ion exchange with cesium ion, and then Combined with the water molecules.

Further examples, recycle the vermiculite which absorbed radio cesium in contaminated soil, it found that there is only 15 in 20,000 soil particle contain radio cesium. It approved that the vermiculite has good adsorption ability of radio cesium.

Below is the vermiculite radio cesium adsorption effect in brown rice

I. Description

Potassium chloride is a kind of water soluble material which can absorb and suppress the cesium (Cs+) in crops. Its widely used for radio cesium pollution. However, its easy to dissolve and the effect cant remain till next year. It needs continue usage to ensure the effect. Thus, vermiculite is used to keep continuous high containing concentrations of potassium cation in the soil aqueous solution was studied.

(1) The more adsorbent used, the faster the radioactive concentration reduced

Vermiculite has a better radio cesium adsorption effect than zeolite.

(2) Potassium chloride, zeolite, and vermiculite and potassium silicate comparing of potassium concentration decrement.

In figs (2), vermiculite can keep a higher potassium concentration in soil solution than zeolite and potassium silicate. From above, using 1 ton of vermiculite can continuous supplying potassium to soil solution, and get good effect of radio cesium concentration reduction.

Function vermiculite takes

1) Continuously supply potassium to soil solution, and reduce the radio cesium concentration in brown rice.

2Reduce the using amount of potassium chloride.

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