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¡¡Features of vermiculite
¡¡Industrial application
¡¡Building application
    Humidity Adsorption Vermiculite Panel
    Acoustic sound insulation Panel
    Formaldehyde adsorption wall panel
    Insect & bacteria resistance material
    Radiation adsorption & inhibition material
    Negative oxygen ion producing material
    Harmful substance absorbing material
    Ceiling board
    Interior decoration material
    Space partition material
    Fire proof construction material
    Door core material
    Fireproof coating material
    Non-ignitable material
    Heat insulation & prevention material
    Vermiculite Carved Board
    Vermiculite Cupboard
    Vermiculite 3D Checkered Plate
    Vermiculite Interior Wall
    Church Interior Decoration
¡¡Raw and processed vermiculite
¡¡Product Physical Index Form
¡¡vermiculite diatomite composite

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Formaldehyde adsorption wall panel
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