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Hebei Vermiculite Product Co.,Ltd was founded in the year 2005 and grew to a mature and professional manufacturer of Vermiculite products. We have the state of arts in producing irregular boards of Vermiculite and wall decoration Vermiculite products.  We have not only the most advanced equipment in China but also invented globally advanced new-type processing equipment on Vermiculite board, which can solve the problem of high cost, high energy consuming and low quality inherent in traditional equipments(oil temperature laminating equipment).  After 6 years¡¯ growth, we have a year manufacturing capacity of 1million board and wall decoration of vermiculite and 3 million irregular boards of various types.

We promise accurately ascertain international market needs with a positive attitude. Looking forward to the future, we will provide the best ¡°Comfort¡±, ¡°Safety¡±, and ¡°Environmental Friendly to the vast customers. In any business environment, we will keep decisive challenge and enthusiasm in any management situation.

 Focusing on the customer is our responsibility.

Enriching our business basement is our mission.

Making brand¡ªa series of  prevalent to the word,growing in balance in terms of social responsibility, economic value, environment, and customer¡¯s value is our principle. Building a valuable, reliable and trustable enterprise is our goal.

The 21st new Hebei Vermiculite Product Co., Ltd will not let people`s expectation down, and will try our best.


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